Spring Cleaning

Our companion dog and cats appreciate spring cleaning, but chances are they aren’t going to do much on their own. Here’s how to keep our shared spaces in tip-top shape!

Replace Filters

There are a number of filters in your home that trap and capture microscopic particles including bacteria, pollen and mold. When dirty, filters collect and recirculate these elements into the air you breathe, leading to allergies, headaches, fatigue and more.

To prevent unpleasant reactions, consider signing up for a filter delivery service such as Filter Easy. Imagine the right-sized filters delivered directly to your home on a regular schedule. In addition to your heating and cooling system, the filters in your vacuum cleaner, humidifier and dryer may need to be replaced. And if you drive, don’t forget to replace the air filters in your car.


Carpets and rugs gather the particles missed by the filters, plus outside debris trekked in from shoes and pet paws. Carpet cleaning machines are easy to use and relatively inexpensive and professional services are also available. Before cleaning, use a UV black-light to find long-lost potty stains to focus on.

If anyone in your home has severe allergies, you may want to remove shoes whenever coming from outside. Doing so will limit the outside dirt and bacteria on your carpets and rugs.

Your Pet

Now that it’s warmer, you can move your pet’s grooming sessions outside. Your pet will enjoy the fresh air and you’ll keep a large amount of pet dander and fur outside.

Back inside, your pet’s soft toys, bedding, leash and harness can use a cleaning too. Run a hot water laundry cycle using pet shampoo, rinse well and hang to dry. For your pet’s dishes and hard toys, a hot water run in the dishwasher works well.

If you live with a cat, don’t overlook the litter boxes. Using gloves, hot water and a pet-safe cleaner, give them a thorough cleaning. After, we guarantee you’ll get no complaints if you start an indoor spring garden of cat grasses.  

Now that spring is here, we’re ready to open the windows, let in the sun and clean away winter. You may even inspire your pet to pick up a few toys and help out too!

Need help with your dog during your spring cleaning session? We still have a few reservations for doggie day care this spring. Contact us before the spaces are gone!

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