We're not just for dogs and cats. Our pet sitters have experience with reptiles, small mammals, birds, exotic fish and more! And we do home checks while you’re away, too.
Home Check
$25 / 30 m
Your can go away without worrying! We'll bring in your mail and packages, water indoor plants and make sure toilets and appliances are running properly while you're away.
Small Pet Visit
Let us drop in on your fish, hamster, rabbit, bird, snake, or hedgehog! Your pet will receive top notch care and you'll rest easy knowing they are in good hands.
Small Pet Area Cleaning/Maintenance
$50 / pet
Need your bird cage, fish tank, hamster cage or other small pet area cleaned? We scoop, sweep, clean and sterilize the area. We’ll finish off by adding fresh bedding, food and water. 

For fish, we replace water, clean filters and tanks. 

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your pet is happy, safe and cozy!