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Dog Walking Washington DC

Dog Walking

$24 per walk

At Saving Grace, our highest goal is to keep your dog happy and well-balanced. As much as they love walks with you, your dog craves the socialization, comfort, and friendship of a pack. We see the calming and peaceful effects of pack walks and we’re committed to making sure your dog walks with pals at their sides.

But even in a group, we know that every dog has specific needs. To make sure your dog gets what he or she needs, walks are individually designed and tailored. Some dogs tell us when they’re ready to home, while others want an extra lap or two. With no time limit, we provide quality, full-service walks for every dog. There’s no ticking clock for our Professional Dog Walkers and you’ll see the difference. Because of this, your dog receives the fun, adventure, and exercise they need and you’ll come home to an even happier and more tranquil dog.

Dog Boarding

$115 for in-home boarding

Dog boarding with us is cage-free, kennel-free and stress-free for you and your dog. Your pup will live as a member of the family in the home of an experienced and vetted pet sitter. All of this ensures your dog feels right at home.

Finding the right fit for your pup is a priority for us. We have sitters with kids, some with a dog of their own, some who sit for multiple dogs at once and some sitters with whom your pup will be spoiled as an “only child.”

We don’t charge extra for playtime or walks and your dog will be free to follow us, roam around or just relax all day. Your pet sitter will learn your dog’s usual routines so your pup will never feel out of sync.

Our clients tell us that boarding with us is the perfect choice for dogs who need companionship but cannot manage the activity level of a boarding kennel or daycare center. And we agree!

P.S. We love boarding older dogs too.

Includes 24 hours of care in the home of a loving and qualified pet sitter

Saving Grace Pet Care - Dog Boarding
Cat Sitting - Saving Grace Pet Care

Cat Sitting

$28 per visit

We cater to all types of cats! Whether a party animal, a private investigator, or the leader of the band,* our cat specialists will make sure your cat gets the attention (or space) that he or she most wants.

Because we believe in Cat Happiness our visits are untimed! On our daily rounds we provide basic food and water refills, litter box scooping and a period of active engagement. For our shy kitties, we’ll provide just the right amount of attention.

Pet sitters will also bring in your packages and mail, water indoor plants, and switch lights on and off. And you’ll get regular updates so you know all about your pet’s adventures while you’re away. We think you’ll appreciate that extra peace of mind!

*Not sure your cat’s type?

Check out the ASPCA’s Feline-alities and let us know about your kitty’s personality.

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