How we handle dog walking cancellations

Our cancellation policy varies slightly for your dog walking and other services. Read the what and why about our dog walking cancellation policy below! 

The Pack

Saving Grace specializes in group walks and we can attest to the benefits. The enrichment and socialization of walking in a group benefits your dog far beyond just the time spent outside. With a maximum of four dogs, each pack is thoughtfully balanced, weighing each dog’s temperament, walking habits, health and other factors. When there’s a late cancellation, group harmony is disrupted.

The Route

As fun and easy as dog walking may seem, our walkers require at least 20 minutes daily of pre-walk planning. In advance of your walk, your walker reads your dog’s profile, makes notes, organizes keys and sketches a basic walking route. The route coordinates your location and that of nearby pack members. Planning the route is done the night before, allowing your walker to dedicate walk time to focusing on your dog and his friends, not reviewing Google Maps.

The Keys

For your safety and security, Saving Grace dog walkers travel with only the keys for the dogs on their schedule for the day. Other keys stay inside in a secure location, lessening the likelihood of a losing a key. A late cancellation means that your walker is unnecessarily carrying your key instead of keeping it safely secured.

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Communicating the Change

When a late cancellation comes in, our scheduler needs to notify your walker. If your walker is walking dogs and not reachable, the office needs to make multiple attempts to communicate the change or risk an surprise visit to your home.

Saving Grace aims to provide the best dog walking services available and to do that, we need to have an exceptional dog walking and scheduling team. Not compensating your walker and our schedulers for their time makes it harder to retain and attract top-tier staff.

We’d like to advise our dog walkers to ignore ALL ringing phones, incoming messages and emails until they’re finished with walks. However, due to the possibility of last-minute cancellations, our walkers have to be aware of phone notifications. Even if it only takes a minute to check and respond, that’s a minute when they can’t be 100% focused on walking with your dogs.

We know that life throws some curveballs. That’s why you can cancel walks until 5 p.m. the previous business day. This gives your walker and the schedulers enough time to adjust. Canceling any later leads to stress, extra work and sometimes even missed messages—and that’s not good for anyone!

Need to cancel or add a walk? Easily update your schedule online.

And P.S., if you get an unexpected telework day, why not keep your scheduled walk? You’ll get some alone time and your pup will get to catch up with pals. It’s a win-win!

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