Frequently Asked Questions

Mr. WimplesThat’s Mr. Wimples, Grace and David’s own, much loved dog. He was instrumental in developing policies and procedures as Saving Grace Services grew. His first human left him with the Steckler’s for boarding…and then called to say that she had moved to Alaska without telling them! Rather than dumping him on a plane to make an uncertain journey to the Great White North, they welcomed Mr. Wimples into their family and gave him a great life.

Yes to both. We carry pet sitter’s liability insurance for all our employees and independent contractors. A dishonestly bond comes into play in the unlikely event that an employee is convicted of a crime.

Saving Grace dogs are friendly, happy and usually have a bit of obedience training. We focus on mid-day pack walks so prospective dogs should be comfortable walking in a group. A Saving Grace dog is able to walk with any dog walker on staff.

If your dog isn’t ready to walk with us just yet, we’re happy to provide referrals to services that better fit your needs.

Saving Grace provides ‘pack’ walks for up to four dogs at one time.
Our dogs are tied securely on a porch or behind a fence while they wait for the walker to pick up or drop off other dogs. During times of extreme weather, dogs may be ‘sheltered’ in your foyer for safety.

Saving Grace Petcare understands the bond that forms between you, your dog and your dog walker. To ensure maximum comfort and flexibility, we create small teams of walkers supporting each other within your neighborhood. Over time your dog will come to know and love all the members of his or her walking team!

Dog walking has a high turnover rate — we’re proud that many of our walkers have been with us for 5+ years. And counting!

We understand how efficient that seems! However, to avoid scheduling mix-ups all communication with your pet care provider happens through our scheduling portal. Please DO NOT call or text our sitters for schedule requests or changes.

Our sitters are employees of Saving Grace Petcare. They are bound by legal contract to not take our clients on as their own while they work for us and after they depart, and not do side work for our clients.

Cancellations for mid-day dog walks must be received by 6:00 PM the day before or full fees apply.

We are happy to refund 50% of the prepaid fee for cancellations of cat sitting or boarding services received with less than seven days’ notice.

No refunds are given for early returns.

In a perfect world there would be no cancellation fees and everything would go exactly according to plan! In the real world, however, we have found that in order to provide the absolute best care to our clients, keep our team members happy, productive, and ensure our office is operating as efficiently as possible cancellation fees are necessary.

Submit your request directly through your scheduling portal.

All walks cancelled by 6:00 PM the business day before the scheduled service receive a full credit, otherwise full fees apply.
There is a $5 charge for same-day additions (added after 6:00 PM the night before) and a $10 charge for emergency additions. Emergency additions are those scheduled with less than six hours notice. We do not accept same-day booking requests on weekends when our office is closed.
The Saving Grace billing cycle starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Credit cards are automatically charged each Monday for dog walking services provided during the prior billing period. Pet Sitting services are billed at the time of booking. Once confirmed and billed, all services are subject to our cancellation policy.
Our service model does not accommodate for dogs that cannot be walked in groups due to reactivity, high energy, aggression, or owner preference. We are happy to provide referrals to individual walkers who can manage solo walks. If you dog needs ‘off-hour’ walks when no buddies are available, those walks will be billed at a higher rate.
These are solo walks outside of our normal business hours and the walker receives higher compensation for travel time and administration.

We offer existing clients ‘elder-care breaks’ for pets who have become too old for regular walks. We do not offer this service for new clients. Unfortunately, we cannot carry or lift any dog during service. We are happy to refer to specialty walkers who provide this service.

Doggie day care occurs during business hours when, for whatever reason, your dog cannot spend the day in his or her own home. Your dog is dropped off at a Saving Grace day care provider between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. and picked up between 4 PM and 5 PM on the same day. Boarding occurs over a period of one or several days when you’re out of town and your dog must be cared for full-time. Your dog lives with the Saving Grace boarding provider as “one of the family” until you return. While there may be one or two other dogs present, it is generally a much calmer environment with more individual attention paid to each dog than a commercial day care facility can provide. Boarding is billed per calendar day. Overnight hours are “on the house!”
Bring your dog’s collar and ID, leash/harness, food and treats, medications (if needed), along with specific written instructions for feeding. You will also want to bring a favorite toy, bedding, and possibly a crate if your dog uses one. Always check with your boarding provider before drop-off.
We love cats too! Pet sitting visits are untimed UNLESS your cat is less than comfortable with new human people. In these cases, we take care of your kitty’s needs (water, food, litter box, etc.) and get out of their way. No one likes guests who overstay their welcome! Pet sitting visits occur anytime between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on your requested days. We do offer more specific time windows (AM or PM) for medicated or very young cats.