Why Easy Busy Pets?

Nobody can help you manage your business and connect with pet owners like Easy Busy Pets!

Get a website, promote on social, schedule, get paid and most importantly enjoy being busy.

Get paid faster by accepting credit cards.

Organize your schedule, clients, pets, services and more in one place. Access it from any place.

Our pet care providers spend less time on paperwork, freeing them up to do what they love, including growing their business.

Run your business with confidence.

Works the same on iPads, computers and mobile devices with no apps to download!

Fully loaded Website

How is this service different from other Website building services?

We believe that a business website without a great client experience (booking, paying, getting reminders) is of limited use.

Our platform automatically builds a website that has scheduling, invoicing, custom forms and other small-business essentials built-in and pre-configured.

You will end up using the latest technology without becoming an expert in technology.

It sounds easy to setup my website, but how does it actually work?

Once you add a list of services, business description and business hours, you will have a website that lists your business info, services and calendar. Within a few minutes you are ready to book and invoice.

Do I need to provide or buy a custom domain?

Not at all, we give you an easy to type and remember address of your choice like yourcompany.ezbz.ca

Social Organic Marketing

What do you mean by Social Organic Marketing?

Social and Organic because a pet owner will happily share a picture of their pet with their friends.

Once the shared picture gets clicked on, they are taken to a landing page that provides an easy path toward bookings, purchases and new clients.

Content Marketing is a great tool to turn a happy client into a source of referrals as your client's social network sees how happy they are with your service.

Think of it as built-in advertising that takes advantage of content your business already generates.

Web app or mobile app

Is this software a web app or a mobile app?

A web app, it on any Internet connected device, from mobile phones to computers. The user experience adapts to screen size, while supporting the exact same features from any device.

The web app is a smart website that supports logins and shows clients, staff and manager different controls and information.

Using multiple apps, web apps and websites is complex. We aim to simplify. It feels like there is an app for this and an app for that, and a lot of them are cool, but when is it too much? Your clients have to go to one website to fill out a form, another one to book you, a web portal to pay you and then there is also your website. Growing, running and tracking a business is already complicated and it gets more complicated as a business grows.


What can be scheduled?

Our custom scheduling system is built to support any kind of event.

Custom booking forms (per service category) allow you to manage your clients' booking experience according to your business needs.

Make events like classes and other group events publicly listed so clients could join.

Turn an event into a repeating event with daily, weekly and bi-weekly repeating settings.

Setup limits by managing maximum number of clients and pets for services and events.

Is a daily agenda supported? How can it be viewed?

Yes, a daily agenda is sent to your email inbox early in the morning. Workers and clients can also Sign in to view their agenda, schedule and to update appointments they are checked in to.

Can I add more than one client to appointments?

Yes, define client and pet limits per service or configure capacity when creating or updating an event.

Can I add more than one service/product to an appointment?

Yes, update an appointment at any time to modify which services and products are part of it.

When a pet owner makes an appointment request, is the appointment scheduled automatically?

Appointment may be accepted by the manager as it was requested or with some changes (like assigning a worker). The manager also has the option to Propose Changes, in which case the pet owner will either Accept or propose changes of their own. This flow is performed electronically via Easy Busy Pets.

What if a worker cancels and I wish to delegate their appointment to another?

Delegation is performed by updating the appointment(s) and assigning to another worker.

Can vaccinations be monitored for expiry?

Yes. 30 days prior to vaccination expiry, an email notification will be automatically sent.

Services, Products and Packages

How can my clients find out what I offer?

Your existing and prospective clients can visit your website at yourcompanyname.ezbz.ca to view, book and join events.

What can I sell using Easy Busy Pets?

We support event-based and stand-alone services, products and packages.

I like to group the services I offer into Grooming and Boarding categories, can you support this?

Yes. You can add as many Service categories as you need, each with its own list of services and custom booking form.

I offer packages that include services and products, can your system accommodate?

Yes. You can mix and match services and products in a package.

A package may also have a number of Repeats.

A pet owner may purchase a package if credit card payments are accepted. Otherwise the manager will create an Invoice for the client and mark it as Paid.

Available credits are displayed during Booking and under Packages>Purchased packages.


How many clients and pets can I store?

As many as you need.

What information about clients and pets can I store?

You decide. We offer an easy to use Custom Forms engine for Clients and Pets with many useful field types and privacy settings.

Do pet owners / clients have access to their own schedule, invoices, historical and personal information?

Yes, through the branded client portal.

Can I have my clients use this service with little hassle?

Yes, you can set everything up on their behalf except for credit card information. Once a client pays for their first invoice, the credit card will automatically be accessible in the future (if allowed by client).

What is the minimum amount of information to store a client record.

A first name is all that is required. The rest is optional. Entering an email address will allow you to interact with your customer via Easy Busy Pets.

How do I add customers?

You can invite them and they will get an email with a link to the Client form.

You can fill out the Client form on their behalf.
You should invite them to create a password so they can log in and get access to more features like requesting appointments.


How easy is it to setup my business with existing business data?

The time spent is minimal, and the cost is usually free. We will guide you through the process. Please do reach out to your Easy Busy Pets account manager for support.

Who do I contact for technical support?

Access the Contact page, and select "Support" under the pull-down subject line. This will connect you with the escalation team and kick off direct correspondence.

Most of the time we get back to you immediately or within an hour. We will use email and may connect over the phone for a speedy response.

Who do I contact for concerns, questions, client care and escalations?

Your account manager is your single point of contact. You can also use the Contact Us form on happygomobile.com.

How do I get "register" and/or "log in" buttons on my website to take clients to the right place?

You can use yourcompany.ezbz.ca/signup and yourcompany.ezbz.ca/login to link to your branded portal powered by Easy Busy Pets.

What is a Custom Form?

We created an easy to use form builder to add and manage custom fields.

You can customize what information you collect on Clients and Pets. You can also setup custom fields for the Booking form per Service Category.

You can add, remove and edit fields unique to your business needs and wants.
You decide who can see a particular field and which fields are mandatory.
Use it to run your distinct business processes in the cloud. A visual drag and drop interface is easy to use. Access it through Settings, Forms any time.

What pet care providers can benefit?

This pet care software (online app) is for any business that needs to manage the day to day and take care of clients and their pets. It is for pet sitters, dog trainers, dog walkers, dog runners, day care, pet boarding, and groomers. Custom forms means you can also manage any type of animal clients including critters, fish, sheep or horses.

What happens after the free trial is over?

Your workers and clients will not be able to login to EasyBusyPets.com until you subscribe.

Once the trial is over, signing in will automatically take you to the account management page, where you can subscribe.

Since we give full access during the free trial, once subscribed, you do not lose nor gain any data, features and settings.


How easy is it to start accepting credit card payments?

It is very easy. All you need is a bank account and your business number to receive money.

Under Settings > Billing you will be able to click a button to connect with Stripe and authorize Easy Busy Pets app to deposit.

How long does it take for money received with credit card to end up in my bank account?

In the USA, a credit card payment is deposited in your bank account in 48 hours. Most other countries are on a 7 day pay-out schedule.

Does the credit card transaction fee vary by credit card company?

No, the transaction fee does not vary by credit card company and there are no fees outside of transaction. We know why you are asking... some of the cards my charge over 4% and close to 5%.
With our payments processor, the fee is fixed across all credit card types (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club) and your business can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 135+ currencies.

The fee varies by country, in the United States and Canada it is 2.9% + 0.50 and in the United Kingdom and EU it is 1.4% + 0.40 for EU cards.

Where is credit card information stored?

Credit card data is not processed nor stored by Easy Busy Pets. Payment processing is managed by Stripe, our payment infrastructure provider. See www.Stripe.com for more details.


How do I invoice clients?

When an invoice is created, all appointments for a client that have not been billed are added automatically.

You can specify a time range for the system to find unbilled appointments for a client.

You also have the option to create an invoice without a client.

When adding or updating an invoice you can easily add your products, services and packages.

Can I auto-charge my customers when creating invoices?

Yes! Significantly reduce the time and effort you spend on invoicing and getting paid.

Pet owner's card is added to the system once they pay for an invoice. Clients may also add a card by going to My Account, Payment Settings. When adding the credit card, pet owner has the option to allow pet care provider to charge the card (on by default).

Pet care provider can enable auto-charging of invoices as soon as they are created, or charge invoices by clicking 'Pay' after an invoice is issued.

This significantly speeds up payment processing.

Can I undo a PAID invoice?

If an invoice was paid for by a credit card, you can refund it from the Invoice page.

If an invoice was marked as Paid by you, you can Refund it or mark it as Unpaid.

You have the option of cancelling an invoice. Cancelling an invoice will gray out the invoice, it will remain on the Invoices list for reference purposes. The cancelled Invoice will not count towards Received and Outstanding amounts.

In general invoices can be deleted, cancelled, marked as paid, unpaid, uncollectable, copied, shared and downloaded as PDFs.

If the cancelled or deleted Invoice was for past appointment(s), the system will show this client as owing a balance for those appointments next time an invoice is created.


How secure and reliable is your service?

Easy Busy Pets is powered by Google cloud infrastructure! The platform used by some of the world's most popular web services.

Google gives us a 99.95% service guarantee.

Data security, privacy and availability are a top priority. Independent audits of infrastructure, data centers and operation take place annually. Specifically, the following certifications and audits:

  • SSAE16 / ISAE 3402 Type II
    Security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality.
  • ISO 27017
    Cloud Security. International standard of practice for information security controls for cloud services.
  • ISO 27001
    Certification of Information Security Management System.
  • ISO 27018
    Cloud Privacy. International standard of practice for protection of personally identifiable information.
    Payment Card Industry Security Standards.

We encrypt and otherwise secure data both during transit and while stored.

What is the data backup process?

Data is automatically backed up daily.