How we handle dog walking cancellations

Our cancellation policy varies slightly for your dog walking and other services. Read the what and why about our dog walking cancellation policy below!  Read more

Surviving the chills and ills of wintertime

Dogs still need to go out, even when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. What about the salt and his paws? Is it nipping at toes? What if she licks the salt? Is the road or frozen yard too cold on his paws? Do not fret pet lovers!

Saving Grace Petcare has done the legwork for you (get it, leg work? Because we walk dogs, *wink*). Here’s the info you need to let Bebe enjoy her snowtrek safely Read more

How cold is too cold?

With the cold snap, you may be asking how cold is too cold for a dog walk. We have answers!

Taking proper precautions such as a putting a coat on your dog and limiting time outside lessens the likelihood of hypothermia and other cold-weather dangers.

When the temperature drops below 45°, Read more

How much should your dog walk really cost?

You should never overpay for any service, dog walks included. But how much should you be paying? And why?
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When your dog walker says goodbye…

We know it’s hard to see your favorite dog walker or pet sitter leave.

When a team member lets us know they’ll be leaving, we’re sad. At the same time, we’re excited about their next adventure and glad that we were able to spend time with them. You and your pets are special–we remember all the sloppy kisses, head bunts and paw shakes and they stamp a forever impression on our hearts.

After almost 20 years working with amazing pet sitters and dog walkers, here’s what we’ve found. Read more