Dog Walking, Dog Boarding and Cat Sitting in Brookland

Brookland - Washington, DC

Growing up on Capitol Hill, brothers Patrick and Adam Friberg fostered their love of animals and the tight-knit community that developed around them at a young age. The brothers became the go-to source for pet care in the neighborhood, so it was a no-brainer for them to turn their passion for animals into their careers. In 2013, they decided to begin Saving Grace Pet Care NoMa.

After the success of Saving Grace Pet Care NoMa, brothers Patrick and Adam decided to expand their business to include serving the Brookland neighborhood bounded by North Capitol Street / Blair Road to the west, Rhode Island Avenue to the south, and Eastern Avenue to the north and east. The decision was personal, too- Patrick now calls Brookland home, so it made sense to offer the community the same level of unmatched pet care, just with a bigger service area!

Meet The Owner

Patrick - Saving Grace Pet Care


Field Trainer, Dog Walker + Pet Sitter

Born and raised on Capitol Hill Patrick along with his brother Adam grew up in a  home and community where people were brought together by their pets. Many of our closest family friends met while kids and dogs played in Lincoln Park.  Patrick attended DC public schools and is a proud current resident of Brookland with his lovely wife Michelle and an ever changing cast of cats and dogs!  Patrick currently specializes in caring for all animals big and small and cannot wait to meet you and your pet!

Adam - Saving Grace Pet Care


Field Trainer, Dog Walker + Pet Sitter

Adam is also, you guessed it, a native Washingtonian raised on Capitol Hill. He has been caring for people’s pets his entire life and never grows tired of his furry friends. Adam lives just over the DC line in Mt.Rainier Maryland where he specializes in boarding dogs with his spacious yard. You can find Adam in NE DC every day walking dogs and feeding cats. Let us know if you would like to add your pet to his route!

Brookland Pet Care Services

Brookland NoMa Dog Walking Saving Grace Pet Care

Dog Walking


Whether your dog spends their day looking out the window of a high-rise or an English basement they all need to get outside and stretch their legs! Let our team be your dog’s best friend and let’s go for a walk! We offer walks at a variety of times seven days a week. We have a team of fantastic dog walkers who have experience with all dogs big and small. Cant wait to meet you and your pup!

Brookland NoMa Cat Sitting Saving Grace Pet Care

Cat Sitting


Your cat needs all of the love and care they deserve whether you are in town or not! At “Cat Sit” visits we provide food, water, basic medications, clean litter boxes, and of course make sure your cat gets lots of love and attention! We have a team of highly experienced cat sitters who will work with your cat’s specific needs and ensure your cat is happy and comfortable when you return home.
Brookland NoMa Dog Boarding Saving Grace Pet Care



We provide “in-home” boarding meaning dogs come and stay in the homes of our pets sitters. We find dogs really love the cozy safe environment of a home compared to the chaos of a large boarding facility. We have a team of experienced borders and will be able to match your dog with the perfect environment for their needs.


“After trying numerous dog walking/sitting services, I finally found Saving Grace Pet Care Brookland which meets my dog walking needs. I work from home so I rarely need a mid-day walk, but on occasion I have a long day away from home. It is really nice to find a dog sitting company that is reliable, flexible, and allows me to travel without worrying about my dogs.”
– Rebecca L.

“The name says it all, these guys are my saving grace when it comes to looking in on my two cats when I’m out of town! I started as a client in the Noma area about four years ago and thought among the things I would miss most when I moved to Brookland was getting out of their service  area. However, I was thrilled to discover they’d just opened a Brookland branch. I love how easy the booking is, and knowing on the other end Patrick and Adam (or a trusted pet lover on their team) have a key and the organization to get there when we need them. Highly recommend this team!”
– Ashley M.

“Saving Grace Brookland was recommended to me last year by a colleague and it was the best recommendation I’ve gotten in a long time. These guys are the best! They are flexible, affordable, reliable and my dog loves them I travel often and frequently on short notice, so Saving Grace has “saved” me many times from having to scramble to find boarding or forcing us to re-arrange our work schedule to look after our dog and cats. They have never let me down and are always quick to follow up with a response and confirmation. I would recommend Saving Grace to anyone.”
– M.J.