Dog Walking, Dog Boarding and Cat Sitting in Brookland

Brookland - Washington, DC

Founded by brothers Adam and Patrick Friberg, Saving Grace Pet Care Brookland has been providing quality dependable pet care services to Brookland residents since 2015. Long time employee Jack Rush joined Patrick and Adam as an owner in 2023. We have gotten to know every block of Brookland and we aren’t tired yet! We can’t wait to meet you and your pet!

Meet The Owners

Patrick - Saving Grace Pet Care


Field Trainer, Dog Walker + Pet Sitter

Patrick along with his brother Adam was born and raised on Capitol Hill Washington DC. Patrick attended the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools and Woodrow Wilson High school. He has worked for Saving Grace Pet Care for over thirteen years. First as an employee at the Capitol Hill branch, then going on to own the NoMa and Brookland branches of the company since 2013. As of January 2023, along with Adam and Jack he took over ownership of Saving Grace Pet Care Capitol Hill. Patrick lives in Brookland with his wife Michelle, dog Waylon, and cats Nyrtle and Scampi.

Adam - Saving Grace Pet Care


Field Trainer, Dog Walker + Pet Sitter

Adam was also raised on Capitol Hill, attending the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools and School Without Walls. He started working for the Capitol Hill Branch of Saving Grace Pet Care in 2009 and has been walking dogs ever since. Adam lives in Cottage City, MD with a nice big yard that boarding dogs love to play in!


Field Trainer, Dog Walker + Pet Sitter

Jack was born, raised and still resides in NE Washington DC. He attended the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools and Woodrow Wilson Senior High School. Since 2016, Jack has been a pet sitter/dog walker for Saving Grace Pet Care Noma and Brookland. In January of 2023 Jack was made co-owner of the Noma and Brookland branches, and along with Patrick and Adam also assumed ownership of Saving Grace Capitol Hill. A lifelong lover of animals, Jack lives in Edgewood with his girlfriend Ellen and dog Pinto.

Brookland Pet Care Services

Brookland NoMa Dog Walking Saving Grace Pet Care

Dog Walking


Saving Grace Pet Care provides dog walking services for all breeds, sizes, and ages. From the smallest puppy to the largest senior dog, we love and care for all of your pets as if they were our own. Dogs are social animals. That’s why we specialize in offering mid-day group walks, allowing your pet to socialize and create bonds with other dogs in the neighborhood. Make no mistake: our priority is to tailor our care to you and your pet and create an experience that will work for you both. Don’t hesitate– contact us today to become a part of the SGPC family!
Brookland NoMa Cat Sitting Saving Grace Pet Care

Cat Sitting


Saving Grace Pet Care provides cat sitting services for cats of all ages, needs, and temperaments. A typical visit to your feline family member(s) includes providing food, water, cleaning litter boxes, administering basic medications, and of course making sure your cat gets some love and attention! After each visit, your sitter will provide you with a report card detailing how the visit went as well as providing a picture of your cat. But our service doesn’t stop there: you can also count on us to bring in packages, mail, and water indoor plants. Travel with confidence knowing that your cat is in the hands of trusted and experienced pet sitters while you’re away!
Brookland NoMa Dog Boarding Saving Grace Pet Care



We know firsthand that traveling without your pet can be stressful. Let Saving Grace Pet Care ease your mind by making your pet a part of our personal family through our dog boarding services. We provide “in-home” boarding services, which means that your dog will stay in the home of one of our pet sitters. Leave behind the stress and chaos of a large boarding or kennel facility and let your dog enjoy the cozy and comfortable environment of a safe and loving home while you are out of town! Your pet will be matched with the sitter and home that best suits their needs. While you’re away, your pet will receive unmatched, quality care including no less than three walks a day, food and water given based on your instructions, and plenty of love and attention! Boarding is available for dogs of all sizes and ages. We can’t wait to make our home your dog’s “home away from home”!


“After trying numerous dog walking/sitting services, I finally found Saving Grace Pet Care Brookland which meets my dog walking needs. I work from home so I rarely need a mid-day walk, but on occasion I have a long day away from home. It is really nice to find a dog sitting company that is reliable, flexible, and allows me to travel without worrying about my dogs.”
– Rebecca L.

“The name says it all, these guys are my saving grace when it comes to looking in on my two cats when I’m out of town! I started as a client in the Noma area about four years ago and thought among the things I would miss most when I moved to Brookland was getting out of their service  area. However, I was thrilled to discover they’d just opened a Brookland branch. I love how easy the booking is, and knowing on the other end Patrick and Adam (or a trusted pet lover on their team) have a key and the organization to get there when we need them. Highly recommend this team!”
– Ashley M.

“Saving Grace Brookland was recommended to me last year by a colleague and it was the best recommendation I’ve gotten in a long time. These guys are the best! They are flexible, affordable, reliable and my dog loves them I travel often and frequently on short notice, so Saving Grace has “saved” me many times from having to scramble to find boarding or forcing us to re-arrange our work schedule to look after our dog and cats. They have never let me down and are always quick to follow up with a response and confirmation. I would recommend Saving Grace to anyone.”
– M.J.