About Us

The Saving Grace Story

Grace began her career by serving over a decade as a Sister. But, in 2000, she was moved to serve the community in a different way.

Grace has always loved animals, people, and the great outdoors. So with sneakers, a leash and her newfound freedom, Grace decided to take to the streets and deliver high-quality, loving pet care to hundreds of busy Capitol Hill residents. Soon, everyone’s tails were wagging, and Saving Grace was born.

Today, husband David offers his inspired support; and along with our family of clients, pet care professionals, and, well, pets – Saving Grace is more robust than ever! Grace continues her mission to bring fun, freedom, and ease to new friends and franchisees… and she still has those sneakers!

We have a passion for pets!

Our Professional Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters love pets and we’ll love yours too!


Dog Walker + Pet Sitter

Paul is the rockstar of the the Navy Yard neighborhood. His clients are abuzz with praise for him and recommend him by name all the time. They trust him implicitly and he has an intuitive understanding of what each pet needs.
Nancy Comign Soon


Dog Walker + Pet Sitter

Nancy is a long-time resident of DC and does double duty for Saving Grace, taking care of dogs and cats. A lover of all animals, she has a special place in her heart for the shy and quirky, seniors, chubbies, couch potatoes and rescues. She adores hosting pups hosting pups in her home near Eastern Market and hanging out with them in the back garden. Nancy is a wonderful asset to our team.
Tracy - Saving Grace Pet Care


Pet Care Coordinator

Tracy makes sure your relationship and experience with Saving Grace is positive and fulfilling–for you and your pet. She’s a native Washingtonian, though she still gets lost in the city once a week. In her spare time, Tracy is a software engineer and she’s also trying hard to train her cats. She thinks dogs are definitely easier!