About Us

Meet The Owners

Saving Grace Pet Care is owned and operated by brothers Adam and Patrick Friberg along with life long friend Jack Rush. All three owners were born and raised on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, are graduates of DC Public schools, and had mothers who taught at Capitol Hill Cluster Schools. Adam and Patrick started working as dog walkers for Saving Grace Pet Care in 2008. In 2013 they started the NoMa franchise of Saving Grace Pet Care followed by the Brookalnd franchise in 2015 with Jack Rush joining as a member of the team. In January of 2023 Adam, Patrick, and Jack took over the Capitol Hill branch of Saving Grace Pet Care when the company’s founder Grace Steckler retired. In 2024 all three branches of the company merged to be known simply as Saving Grace Pet Care.

Patrick - Saving Grace Pet Care


Field Trainer, Dog Walker + Pet Sitter

Patrick lives in Brookland with his wife Michelle, dog Waylon, and cats Nyrtle, Scampi, and Freddy.

Adam - Saving Grace Pet Care


Field Trainer, Dog Walker + Pet Sitter​

Adam lives in Cottage City, MD where his dog Colby loves having a big yard to run around in.


Field Trainer, Dog Walker + Pet Sitter​

Jack lives in Edgewood with his fiance Ellen and their dog Pinto.

About Our Founder

The Saving Grace Story​

Grace Steckler

Grace Steckler founded Saving Grace Pet Care shortly after moving to Capitol Hill Washington D.C. in 2000. For over twenty three years Grace took Saving Grace Pet Care from a one woman operation to a business that employed over one hundred people and became the standard by which professional pet sitting companies are judged. Her hard work and dedication paved the way for the careers of many people and helped transform the pet care business into what has become a professional and indispensable service that the people of Washington D.C. rely on everyday. 

Grace retired from the dog walking game in early 2023 and currently resides in Leesburg Virginia with her husband David and children Benjamin and Pearl.