Four Myths about Professional Pet Care

Four Myths about Professional Pet Care

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How do you feel when leaving a pet home alone?

You might feel guilty, nervous or even a little sad.

It would be great if we could take our furry family everywhere with us. But, when we can’t, professional pet care companies provide peace of mind and reliable care.

Sometimes people worry about leaving their pets with someone else because of the misguided assumptions about professional pet sitting and dog walking services.

Let’s talk about that.

Myth:  “Pet sitting is not a “real job.” You just have to play with dogs all day.” Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers are hard-working, educated professionals. They are trained and prepared to deal with situations ranging from sticky locks to dog attacks. They can recognize signs of illness in your pet and know what to do when they see one.

Myth: But the neighbor kid can do it cheaper. This is true! The teenage neighbor will most definitely be cheaper. As with most things, however, you get what you pay for. Will the young sitter be reliable? Will they spend enough time with your pet? Will they remember to lock the door behind them?

Myth: I only need a Pet Sitter when I leave town. The truth is that building a relationship with a pet care company is helpful for managing day to day life with your pet. In any of life’s unexpected moments having a company on call with a key at the ready can be a life-saver.

Myth: My pet will be scared and depressed when left with sitters. We’ve seen just the opposite as sitters provide their full attention to the pets and win their hearts and affection.

If you’ve entertained one or more of these thoughts, give us a try!  This summer and all year long, Saving Grace Pet Sitters are here on the Hill caring for dogs, cats, iguanas, hedgehogs and turtles. Let us show you the Saving Grace difference!