Three Confessions of Saving Grace Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

Three Confessions of Saving Grace Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

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Saving Grace has been been working with Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters for over 20 years.

When time comes for them to move on, they often reflect that this is the best job they ever had.

The positive energy, wagging tails, silly expressions and doggie kisses make each day a joy.

Even the toughest dog walking days are better than a day behind a desk.

While we’re vocal about telling the world how much we love pets, there are a few things we’ve kept from you…

1. Our devices are full of pictures of your pets. We have more photos of your pets than our own—maybe even more than our kids or family members!

2. We talk to your pets constantly. We ask about their weekends or days; anything interesting. We are afraid we look a little loony walking around the neighborhood talking to (what looks like) ourselves. Sadly, these conversations are a little one-sided!

3. We know your dog’s fur-iends and fur-nemies in the neighborhood. We’ll avoid neighbor #1 because Fido will bark at us. OR slow down at neighbor #4 because your dog likes to check out Fluffy’s backyard. We’ve nailed down the details that make your dog safe and happy.

We’re seriously pet-obsessed at Saving Grace in Capitol Hill!

Your dog gives us a paw? We’ll shake it!

Tail’s wagging after our walk? We’ll join in!

Jumping up to give hugs when we open your door? You bet we’re going to brag about it!

At Saving Grace we make dogs happy!

We LOVE and adore your pets and want to thank YOU for trusting us with spending time with them.